We highly recommend oil Budget Plans to all of our customers.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to have all those large heating bills around the holiday season? Pay one price for your heating all year round. Our budget plans have no sign up fees.

How does it work?

Everyone’s family, and homes are different, and will be calculated on that home’s fuel usage. Let’s calculate the budget for the average size house on Long Island.

budget plans

Keep in mind you will never use exactly 850 gallons (or whatever gallons we calculate for your home) for that fiscal year. It is only an estimate and we cannot predict the weather or the price per gallon for the entire year. Budgets will be reviewed with 3 months left and may be raised or lowered based on your usage. Budgets are only started between March through September. We cannot start a budget from October through February. All tanks must start with a full tank and end with a full tank to best calculate the following years budget.