Service Contracts


A Service Contract is a must for those households with a heating system or hot water system that is over 3 years old.

Some Long Island homeowners do not have any service contracts, and they end up paying for each service call. Allyn Services does C.O.D SERVICE however, it is not recommended, in fact, 90% of our customers are have a Service Contract. The average COD Oil Service call is approximately $200.00 (2 Service Calls and a yearly cleaning can easily amount to $500.00 or more per year).

Buying COD oil might save you a little on each delivery, but the risk is much higher than that. Service work and maintenance can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars, unless you are protected by a Service Contract.

Allyn Services’ team of professionals are highly trained and qualified, to inspect, and clean your units to ensure it is kept running at its top efficiency. That can save you on each delivery.

Allyn Services also offers C.O.D Services

Call office for C.O.D service pricing.