Long island oil Burners

Allyn Oil Services installs and services burners for home heating system boilers in Nassau County Long Island. RIELLO and Beckett AFG are the market leaders in burners for boilers – Gas burners, light oil burners and dual fuel burners.


*Highly Recommended*


Considered North America’s most advanced oil burner, the Riello 40 Series is a product of years of engineering excellence. Riello has been at the forefront of burner technology since their first line was introduced in 1920. Today, Riello’s scientists and engineers continue the tradition – developing new materials, processes and technologies, and incorporating only the best into Riello products. No other burner offers Riello’s combination of fuel efficiency, reliability and ease of maintenance.



Beckett AFG

Engineered to provide years of reliable service, the Beckett AFG residential oil burner provides a perfect example of how Beckett has continued to push the home heating technology envelope since 1937. Its nozzle line electrode assembly evens out air flow for a smooth, efficient combustion, while the one-piece flame retention burner head is capable of increasing by as much as 35 percent.



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